Update | Southern United

Friday, June 03, 2016

An update regarding Southern United from CEO Chris Wright.

Dear Friends of Southern United,

General Update:

As you may know, Football South have recently taken over the Southern United Football Club and therefore the license to enter into the National League for the next two seasons.

As CEO of Football South, I now take on the same responsibilities of Southern United.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your excellent support of Southern United over the years – without this the franchise could not have competed and the pathway would not be available to our aspiring youth and senior players. The transition of Southern United into to the Football South ecosystem is a positive move which aims to develop improved integration, sustainability and ultimately on-field performance.


Football South already hold the license for the National League Women’s Football, Senior Men’s Futsal and National Youth Futsal Teams (girls and boys), and the National Age Group Tournament teams (girls and boys). When you add in the National League Men & Youth teams, along with our strong ongoing relationship with the Milk Cup, this provides excellent alignment of the talent pathway.

We are strong believers that pathways need investment, and our aim is to grow the value of these pathways to the Federation. All this work starts at the source, which is the grass roots of our game. With ongoing enhancements of our grass-roots development through clubs and direct programmes, we can continue to provide football opportunities for everyone to reach their potential – whether it’s first kicks at a club, a fun kick-around with their mates, a skills centre programme, a Federation Premiership game, or playing National League.

Governance Structure:

We thank the Southern United governance structure both past and present for developing the club. There has been a lot of hard work, personal investment, good will and a huge amount of expertise involved over the years. We aim to build on this, and with Football South, take Southern United to the next level.

In terms of the transition, Matthew Holdridge, Matt Ballard and Jarod Chisholm have now been elected onto the Southern United board with complete support of its current members. While the previous board has resigned, they are still keen to get stuck in with any work that myself of the new board need of them, including direct support of me and my staff – which we appreciate deeply.

We’ll also be seeking more input from regions outside of Otago, and defining a working structure that will help us deliver on the vision for Southern United as your Federation team.


To grant funders, sponsors & suppliers to Southern United, thank you for supporting the club through funding, sponsorship, partnerships, or supply of essential equipment or services. Without you none of this would be possible and we massively appreciate your support.

Myself or other Football South staff will be in touch over the coming weeks to introduce ourselves and tell you about our vision moving forward. We sincerely hope we can continue to work together over the coming years.

The team at Football South, including new Finance Manager (Trish) are working hard to prepare the entity for the coming season and manage the transfer of the financial aspects from the previous Board.

Head Coach & Support Staff:

Thank you to all the coaching, physio, management and support staff who have given many personal hours to helping Southern United Senior and Youth compete. We hope to achieve good continuity and I have already spoken to many of you. The role of the Senior Team Head-Coach is currently being recruited, and I’m sure they will want to meet with you once the appointment is confirmed and they are looking to build their staff contingent.


Our shared vision is that Southern United’s players are resident within the Federation, where all players throughout the Federation have the opportunity to stake their claim in the Southern United Men, Women, Youth or Futsal teams. The respective team coaches will be implementing various collaborative talent identification strategies, so if you feel you have something to offer for any of the teams, I encourage you to get involved and take advantage of these opportunities.

We appreciate the energy of the many players who have given every effort on and off the pitch for many years, and we hope you’ll continue this in the coming season.

Playing National League is a large commitment, an honour and something every player should be proud to be a part of. We’ll do all we can within our means to support our players in performing at this level.


Support from throughout the community on and off the pitch is crucial to our success. A massive thank you to the supporters, clubs and parents of the team’s players who continue to back Southern United. We’ll count on you over the coming season in a variety of ways – but most of all attending games, being involved in fund-raising and being positive in your support of our team.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide you all with an update, and for your continued support of Southern United and Football South.

Ultimately, the success of Southern United is down to the whole community and we encourage you all to get involved.

I’m always open to feedback, questions or ideas, so please feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards,



Key Contacts:


Chris Wright

Email: ceo@footballsouth.co.nz

Tel: 0211006841


Events & Marketing Coordinator

Sean Hamill

Email: sean@footballsouth.co.nz

Tel: 021949052


Finance Manager

Trish Doody

Email: finance@footballsouth.co.nz

Tel: (03) 474 6415