NEWS Volunteer Award Winners

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Football South, in partnership with MTA, Volunteering NZ and New Zealand Football recently ran a Federation-based initiative to recognise our community’s most deserving volunteers and thank them for their efforts.

$600 in MTA vouchers were awarded to 12 volunteers throughout the Federation. We received almost 40 nominations and we only wish we could recognise you all. There are thousands more volunteers involved throughout our game and we cannot commend and thank you enough for your hard work to create great experiences throughout Football.

We’d also like to thank MTA, Volunteering NZ and New Zealand Football for driving this initiative to recognise these amazing individuals.

Those who received awards were nominated by peers in their community with stories that can inspire us all. Thank you for passion and drive to create amazing memories for Footballers throughout the Federation. Listed below are the recipients from Football South.

Paul JOHNSON – West End AFC, Timaru

Dedicates many hours to the Club Junior programme as well as a Junior Coach, Rep Coach for South Canterbury and dedicates many hours to the Senior Club, he never says no to what is asked of him.

Gary PILSWORTH – Old Boys AFC, Invercargill

Gary is the Junior convenor for the largest junior Club in Southland and manages their junior programme for kids from the age 4-17 years, he is an excellent fundraiser ensuring the juniors are supplied with Uniforms, equipment and quality coaching. Gary is also on the Club committee and manages the Club merchandise. Gary’s enthusiasm and energy for the Club is unmatched.

GrahamWARMAN – Melchester Junior Football Club, Dunedin

Has continued to Coach a team even after his kids moved onto other teams, nothing is ever a bother, he shows tremendous support for the boys despite a number of losses this season. The boys have a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and success because of Graham’s efforts.

Rob MITCHELL – Grants Braes AFC, Dunedin

Dedicates a lot of his time to not only the 1st team at Grants Braes, but also the Youth team and runs a free academy on Sunday mornings helping children develop their skills. In addition to the 5 training sessions per week he is also on the Club committee and coaches representative sides for Otago.

Malcolm BLAKELEY – Queenstown AFC, Queenstown

Coached an 8th grade team in Queenstown and saw them through to the Semi finals by creating a bond between the players. He has a great attitude that the kids can learn from.

Leon FORSTER – Queenstown AFC, Queenstown

Has given up many hours to Coach, teach and mentor our 8th grade team, he has created a family environment rather than a bunch of kids turning up to play each week.

Shaun STACK – Geraldine Football, Geraldine

Coaches two teams that his children no longer play in, so he takes two practices per week and then does his best to support both teams on Saturdays before he plays himself in the afternoon. He keeps a positive atmosphere and total encouragement within the team.

Matt FALLOWS – Roslyn Wakari AFC, Dunedin

Matt is a young guy who has been coaching juniors at the Club for a number of years despite not having any children playing, he trains 20+ 6th grade players in addition to an 11th grade team. It is often difficult to find coaches and without his generosity and enthusiasm makes it possible for so many kids to get involved in football.

Mike SEDDON – St Kevins College, Oamaru

Is volunteer Coach and head of football at St Kevins and many college footballers owe him a lot for the footballers and men we have become, a great coach who always makes training interesting and keeps football standards high.

Tim SOPER – Waimate Soccer Club, Waimate

A busy man who takes two team for training and gives up a lot of his time to also organise a lot of sports events in our local area of Waimate.

Dan TODD – Roslyn Wakari AFC, Dunedin

Only joined the Clun 3 years ago and has become the Club Captains right hand man, he serves on the Senior committee and also volunteered to be the Junior Chairman for the biggest Club in the Football South region. The junior Club has grown and he has developed a wonderful environment for all of the teams. He also gets stuck in on Friday nights setting up the nets for Saturday to make the Coaches jobs easier.

Lynn KING – Green Island Junior Football Club, Dunedin

Manages the money, registrations, uniforms, website, ball kids, Club newsletter, spends all day Saturday at Sunnyvale making sure everything is as it should be. She then says into the afternoon to support he ballkids and make sure they get home OK. The volume of administration done on behalf of the Club is unmeasurable and she is known as the glue that holds everything together.