About Us

[xx] Football Federation is the trading name of the Number [x] District Federation of NZ Football, one of seven district federations affiliated to the national body.

Established in 2000 we lead, inspire and deliver football in [list geographic area(s)]:


Auckland Football Map

The [xx] Football Federation is responsible for local growth and developing the game in our region through improving systems, enhancing communication with members, and being more accountable to football being developed rather than purely administered.

We are a membership organisation, made up of approximately [x] individual members who belong to [xx] Football Federation through their associated football club and school, of which there are [x] throughout the region, plus memberships through recreational programmes of which Futsal is the largest.

The maps below show New Zealand Football’s seven district Federations.

Federation Breakdown

Federations have combined coaching, refereeing, playing and administrating functions, across all ages, grades, divisions; competitive and social, clubs and schools. We are also responsible for constructing our own infrastructure, funding our activities and developing our own visions and plans to grow the sport within our own geographical boundaries and communities.

We have our own board and action groups and are ultimately accountable to the grassroots of the game.