Competition forms

International transfer of Players

International Transfer Certificate (ITC’s)

Are required for all players who are living in New Zealand and want to play football for an affiliated Club but are not a New Zealand Citizen or have been playing football in another Country in a previous season.

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Senior (Aged 18 years +) ITC’s

Can take 1-30 days depending on the Country

Required documents are:

  1. International Transfer request form – signed by the Player (Transfer request form)
  2. A Copy of the Players passport – ID page
  3. Players from Aregentina must complete an additional form (Argentina transfer form)


Minor (Aged 10-18 Years) ITCs:

Once all the documents have been received the player will be given approval to play with 3-7 days by NZ Football.

  1. Employment Contract of Parents (Example here)
  2. Proof of Birth Date – Player (player birth certificate)
  3. Proof & Identify of Player (copy of players passport)
  4. Proof & Identify of Parents (copy of parents passport)
  5. Proof of Residence (Example here)
  6. Support for Proof of Residence (attach a Utilities bill, eg. powerbill, water account etc)
  7. Work Permit of Parents (attach copy of work permit/country visa if applicable)
  8. Parents Support Letter (Example here)


Exchange or International Students (10-18 Years old)

The process for players who are living in New Zealand without their parents is a lot more complicated. There are additional forms that need to be completed. Once received these forms are forwarded to a FIFA committee in Zurich for approval. This process can take up to 3 months.

  1. Guardianship from parent letter (Example here)
  2. Exchange Home School letter (Example here)

General Forms


Incident Report form


If you wish to report an incident to Football South please use the ‘Incident Report’ form above.


Any person may report an incident. All reports must be in writing.