Football & Futsal in Schools


Primary and intermediate schools have a major role to play in providing more and better opportunities to Kiwi kids. Schools throughout New Zealand present an unprecedented opportunity to engage children in sport en masse with little need for organisation or structure. When the bell rings we hope to see more kids out kicking footballs more often.
We are trying to bring football alive free of charge in primary and
intermediate schools. This programme is aimed at engaging all primary
and intermediate-aged children in football, providing more recreational
football opportunities for our young players more often.
Why Football in Schools?
With physical activity levels among kiwi kids on the slide, and obesity on the rise, it is critical to get kiwi kids back on track. The benefits of physical activity through sports such as football can give children better physical fitness, the chance to be part of a team and the physical skills that can lead to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. The latter can flow onto other aspects of their life and have a positive impact on their relationships with peers.

Would YOUR school be interested!
Contact: Lewis Houghton
Cell 021 734 323 or 03 425 9469