Goalnet User Guide

National Online Registration (2016 season onwards)

From 2016 onwards all players who wish to participate in Federation or National competitions must register visa the national online registration form.

This form has become mandatory because of our legal requirement to allow members to opt-in or opt-out of certain types of communication, whether it be from their Club, the Federation or NZ Football.

Players will be required to complete the online registration themselves, in the past they may have had a Club Administrator do this for them.

Once we have accurate registration details for all players in 2016 we can then introduce member passport which will allow members to log in and see their information and playing history.

Club Guide to National online registration

Player Guide to National online registration

What is GoalNet?

GoalNet is the national online membership system which allows your club to manage membership information, registrations and payments; offers first class communications tools and saves your club’s administrators valuable time.

GoalNet offers:

Membership management:

  • Online registrations
  • Online payments
  • Online transfers
  • Full club member administration
  • Team Management – ability to structure teams and assign players
  • Performance – track anything from misconduct to elite player performance

Competitions management:

  • A common fixtures service for all federations and clubs
  • Fixture management  – review fixtures, generate competitions, assign teams, re-grade and reschedule
  • Online results service
  • Online publication of fixtures, results and tables
  • Resource management – fields and officials

Seamless communication:

  • A simple way to communicate directly with your members via email or website
  • Automated news feeds direct to your websites covering events, fixtures and results
  • Links directly to your federation website

Why GoalNet?

GoalNet provide a web based service that provides the New Zealand Football community with a platform for the future which will enable us all to manage our membership base and support the development of the game

GoalNet Tools

Club Basic User Guide to GoalNet

Club Administrator Manual to GoalNet

For more information or to arrange a training session contact Tracy Fleet, Game Development Manager, Football South gdo@footballsouth.co.nz or 03 425-9467