Youth Framework

New Zealand Football’s National Player Development Framework provides an aligned, cohesive structure in order to meet the needs of players across all levels of the game. There is a distinction between the progressive stages within the framework, with each stage having clear objectives, guidelines and structures so that coaches, referees and
administrators are better equipped to meet the needs of our players, right up to adult football.

The Youth Framework is the link between junior and senior football. It provides a number of different playing environments and opportunities while further defining the talented player pathway.

Regardless of motivation or ability levels, players should enjoy a high-quality experience at all stages. The framework aims to meet the needs of all youth players, while ensuring they can move across the spectrum from community recreational football through to the talent excel pathway.

As you can see from the framework diagram, the Youth Framework offers programmes across all four pathways in order to cater for new, community and talented players alike.

The Community Recreational pillar is focussed on attracting new players to the game by providing more opportunities for teenagers to play, experience and fall in love with football. These programmes are flexible and aim to attract new and retain current players to our game long term.

The Community Participation pillar focusses on providing players who would like more footballing activity, with the opportunity to do so in an environment that encompasses training and competition. Players can choose from club and school competitions to train and play at their desired level, under the guidance of educated coaches.

The Talent Perform pillar provides players with potential the opportunity to train with the best coaches and train and play against other best players within their region and across the nation. This will create a platform for players to reach their potential. In this pillar, New Zealand Football believes the development of players should take place in a single environment under the guidance of highly qualified coaches to ensure consistency of learning.

The Talent Excel pillar focuses on working with the most talented players from across the country in order to help prepare and expose them to international football.

View the Youth Framework Manual here